THE Bionic Ride: Some detail.

THE Bionic Ride will be an unusual bike ride (ride, not race) happening in your neighborhood for the first time ever on September 18, 2011. It will be as long or as short as you`d like it to be. As tough or as relaxed as you prefer. As big or as small as you want it to be. It will be important and enjoyable.

I`m currently ironing out the details, but for now I`ll let you in on some of the secrets.

Unlike most bicycle rides that are organized at a certain time in a specific place, THE Bionic Ride will be organized in smaller groups in different locations around the world, at the same time. The plan is to come together in spirit although in different locations. The hope is for the event to raise awareness for and interest in nurturing one`s heart, both literally and symbolically. It`s not meant to be a fund raiser!

If you are intrigued and would like to be one to organize a ride in your neck of the woods, contact me ( For the time being we have one ride planned in Las Vegas and one in Australia(!). I will contact some of you in the following days, but if you beat me to it, that would be great. I will not turn anyone down. If you have questions, contact me. I will not pressure anyone…promise.. Also, if you have any ideas, no matter how wild, let the brainstorming begin.

I have plans for marketing, sponsorships, locations +++..more on that later. Keep an eye or two on the dedicated web site as well (


THE Bionic Cyclist