Now what?

200 miles on a bike in one day has been checked off the list of things to do. What does a 45 year old in bad shape and with an artificial heart valve in his chest do next? I have goals, oh man, do I have goals!

Goal one.

Probably the least ambitious and certainly the least exciting of my goals for the future is the first one. I don`t expect anyone to be excited reading about it and I doubt I can drag it out much longer before you skip this entire paragraph. On or before March 13, 2011 I will do 100 miles on my bicycle in less than 7 hours. Not at all fast by anyone’s measure and not very long. Especially considering that I did 200 miles  in one day already. Nevertheless, it took me 25 hours to do 200 miles, so 100 miles in 7 hours is a challenge for me. I will do it in a cooler season so training in the heat will not be an issue. March 13 is by the way the one-year anniversary for the day I bought my bike. Not quite as significant as the anniversary of my heart surgery. I know.


Goal two.

Very much more ambitious, possibly even impossible to accomplish, but I do believe in you! Yes, I said “you”. On September 18, 2011 (by now I hope you know the significance of this date?) I will organize a bike ride, world wide (!) There will be much more details about this later. In the mean time, check out the web site (pretty much a “coming soon” site for now) which also reveals the name of the ride. (well, actually this link does!)


Goal three.

A new personal goal. In July of 2012 I plan to participate in and complete the This is an extremely challenging bike ride in California. It`s 129 miles long with five mountain passes, a total of 15.000 feet of climbing. Wanna do it with me?


Thank you to those of you who suggested other rides. I really appreciate it even though I have chosen different challenges. I hope that many of you will be up for THE Bionic Ride. For now, I hope you are a little curious. If you just can`t wait for the details, send me a few words and I`ll be happy to spill some of the secrets before I make them official. The total rundown will appear both here and on the dedicated web site for the ride.


Don`t change the channel.


THE Bionic Cyclist.