It is time

One year ago today, I was dreading the pain I was about to experience as a result of necessary open heart surgery. I had do to it to improve the quality of my life. In the long run, save my life. Today, I`m celebrating that decision by reliving the dreading and indeed the pain. Funny thing is I`m 100% certain that this time I will be in much more pain than last year!

Like last year I`m relatively sure I will make it, but not totally sure. Unlike last year, if I don`t make it I have only my self to blame. Unlike last year I feel good about the way I have treated my body the last 365 days.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me. For those of you who know me personally, I`m sure you understand that it will be an emotional weekend for me. It`s good to be alive folks!

My 200-mile/321.87km day will begin midnight tonight PST, 9AM Saturday morning in Norway. I will try to post updates on Facebook as often as possible. That`s my way of soliciting “you-can-do-it” from you online 🙂

Time to go to work, take a short nap and then start counting miles. The forecast has changed a little, but not much: night time 67F/19C degrees, day time 102F/39C.

Don`t change the channel

THE Bionic Cyclist