One week left!

The big day, the day I have been planning for and preparing for is coming up in seven days. I am not as well prepared as I should be, but am I ready? Mmmmmmaybe…that`s as good of an answer as I can give you right now.

The heat has been my enemy. It`s not like I didn`t know that I live in a hot area when I started this, but I have had more trouble handling the heat than I anticipated. Being from the cold north originally, my blood wasn`t exactly thin from birth. (I know, I could make so many jokes right now, being on blood thinners and everything), but I have always considered myself being relatively tolerant of high temperatures. I`ve lived here in the desert for the last six years where we have 120 degrees F consistently in the summer. That would be 45-50C. It`s one thing to live here and stay in the shade or even better, in an air conditioned room when you need to. It`s something else to exercise in temperatures where you can fry an omelet on your front porch. I do mean that literally!

Twice this year have I been hospitalized with dehydration. One of those times with a heat stroke. The other time with renal (kidney) failure. Both times has it been my own fault. I simply have not been smart about hydrating myself and listening to my own body. I don`t mean the ticking of my heart valve either. Perhaps as a result of the hospital visits, definitely as a result of me being a dumb ass, I have not met any of the goals I set earlier this year. I wanted lose a certain amount of weight, I wanted to do at least one 100 mile ride by the end of July, and I….wanted so many things really. So far I have not lost a single gram since my last post (which was way too long ago), my longest ride has been 60 miles and I feel very very unprepared. UN-prepared might not be exactly how I feel, but at least under-prepared…if that`s even a word. I have by the way ridden around 1200 miles (2000km) since March.

One part of me that is ready though, is my will power. I know I will not give up unless my legs stop working. I will start next Saturday and I will go for as long as I can.

I`ve received a few questions regarding the 200 mile ride. Some of you seem to think it`s a race I have signed up for. It`s not so. It`s only me. I`m doing my own thing. The good things about that are that I can plan my own start time and decide where I ride.

So, where and when? I will start at my house, then go about 38 miles in one direction, back again to my house, 12 miles in one direction and back to my house again. I will repeat the 24 mile loop until I reach 200 miles. You do the math. I will have a service car (my wife) with me for the first 76 miles. After that I will return to my house every 24 miles for drinks and food. I`m anticipating a total ride time of between 15 and 20 hours. I will start at midnight September 18 (Friday night). If you live in the area and would like to come out and experience some schadenfreude, let me know. Send me an email ( and I will tell you exactly where and when the pain will be on public display.

I hope to be able to post some updates live here as well and if all goes well I will post a few short live video updates on Facebook. (add “terje riisnaes” as a Facebook friend and you will be able to see these clips).

Until THE day, thats it!

Don`t change the channel

THE Bionic Cyclist.