Good news times two today.

Good news on two fronts today: Let me first congratulate my fellow Norwegian and fellow Cervelo rider, Thor Hushovd, on an amazing victory in le Tour de France today! His strength and tactics were beyond comparison. The victory put him in the green jersey and in seventh overall. Where was Cavendish? Pfffftt, who cares!
Also, I`ve been struggling with an old skiing injury for the last 10 days or so. I had a disc prolapse many years ago. Every now and then it gives me trouble for a few days. This time it lasted a little longer than normal so I went to the doctor on Friday last week. She gave me some really strong pain pills that made me feel real loopy, but at least pain free. Because of all the medicines I`m on after my heart surgery, I can only take a few select kinds of pain pills. Unfortunately they work so well that I cannot drive while on them so I couldn`t take any today. After more than a week with pain anyway I decided to try a chiropractor for the very first time in my life (!). Amazing! The results that is. Not only did he fix the disc problem less than 10 minutes after I met him, but he loosened up a lot of stiffness I`ve been experiencing after the surgeons broke my chest bone. I feel so much better now. I might have to go back once or twice, but for now I feel good enough to get back on the bike again. I`ve not been able to get on it for the last 10 days.
SO, two Cervelo riding Norwegians achieved some great results today:-)