Guest Entry from David G.

Dear Bionic Cyclist,

In a world of quick fixes, easy come, easy go, experience gained by
the TeeVee, Gen X, Y and Z, there are many out there who are jaded
before they begin, burnt out before they start, bored by the hard to
achieve, dismissive of the feats of others unless they involve a
“world’s best” or a genuine innovation.

And then there is your dream: come back from a medical emergency and
achieve a double century. No mean feat. Not easy. Not achieved without
diligent preparation and pushing yourself beyond limits you are yet to
find.  And you have committed to it publicly.  No going back from
that, then.

And at the end of it all, the sense of achievement will be fantastic
and absolutely real to you.  Which is something that the instant
gratification junkies of today are missing: the “real” bit……

Enjoy it all, because the journey is as important as reaching the
destination.  And for those that think this is easy, try it……

David G