How are YOU doin`?

It`s almost May and it`s been a while since I`ve said anything of importance. Some might say I`ve never said anything important in here, but I beg to differ. Between the lines and sometimes above them you will find sophisticated thoughts and clever ideas…if you just look. (You should try! Let me know what you find…I`m still looking)

On March 13, I wrote this:(

“Whichever way you slice it, the time to prepare, the time to train for my “tour” is now! I figure my max distance right now is around 20 miles. I need to double that by mid April. May first, I plan to do “tour de fire”, a local bike ride that offers several distances ranging from 20 to 100 mils. I figure I should be good for the 38 miles or perhaps even the 60 mile by then. I will give myself a couple of weeks before I make that decision. By mid April I need to have dropped at least 5lbs as well. Now it`s online, so I just have to do it, right?”

It`s a little past mid-April. In other words, it`s time for a status check!

Max distance in March :20 miles. Max distance  April 23: 42 miles. Check! Weight loss: ~7lbs. Check!

Tour de Fire distance: (signed up for) 38 miles. More or less…check!

I`d be bold and say that I`m en route, but there`s a long ways to Rome (is that even a saying?) There is at least a long ways to 200 miles in one day. Fortunately September 18 is still 4 1/2 months away too. But, the weather is heating up. The training will be tougher because of that, but hopefully also better in some ways. At least the sun will melt the pounds off, right?

I have no idea what i`m doing really. I have a little experience from back in the days, but that only means that I`ve done some of this before. if I did it the right way then and if I`m doing anything right now, who knows? Those who do know will probably get a good laugh when they read about my training strategy. The only educated suggestion that I have listened to came in the form of one sentence from a personal cyclist trainer at the store I bought my bike. He suggested that I start out by going on short yet frequent rides. That way I`ll get my body used to cycling without completely giving it a shock. Well, in the shape I was (still am probably), looking at a bike gave my body a shock. So..too late for that, but I do believe the suggestion made sense to me. I did after all take it to heart. I have gone on a lot of short rides. 10-12 miles, sometimes as much as 20.

I have up until now chosen rides with a lot of climbing and I have focused on cadence as opposed to speed. This part has been my own idea. hardly a revolutionary training philosophy, but it seems to be working. I haven`t run empty yet and I feel stronger and stronger on the climbs. After the Tour de Fire, I plan on changing my approach a little. I will focus a little more on speed. Not that I need to be the fastest guy on the block (which shouldn`t be too hard anyway. There`s pretty much retired old folks living on my block), but by going faster one also spends less time in the seat, which is muy importante when one plans to do a triple metric century in one day!

So far I`ve been averaging 20-22km/h on my rides. I need to be at 25km or so on 25miles+ miles rides by the middle of June. ( are you confused by me mixing metric and US values yet?) Back in the days (I know I say that a lot) I was able to average 28-32km/h on 25 mile rides. That was then.Like I wrote in March “Now it`s online, so I just have to do it, right?”

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THE Bionic Cyclist