There are coyotes out there!

After a week of indulging myself in San Diego I`m back in the saddle. I gained only 1.5 lbs. Not bad for a week full of sea food and home made fresh tortillas daily. Sometimes twice daily! True to tradition I went overboard at a Mexican restaurant in old town on the first day and suffered the obligatory stomach cramps the entire next day. It was some of the best Mexican food I`ve ever had though. Was it worth it? The jury is still out on that one.

I returned to the desert on Sunday, completed a 18k ride in horrible winds and felt pretty good afterward. Surprisingly good actually. I went on the same 18k ride today, after work. For the first time after dark using my new LED lights. My, does it get dark here in the desert. Pitch black with no Vin Diesel in sight. perhaps he was lurking behind some rocks? (you`ve seen that movie, right?) It took me a few minutes before I left the civilized parts of where i live. Civilized, relatively speaking.

A few hundred feet into the abyss of darkness you only find in this part of the world (at least that`s what it felt like) I actually was a little afraid of the dark. There are after all coyotes out here (seriously) and even some mountain lions (seriously!!). I did see some wild life, but hardly anything to cry about. I did jump a little though when the rabbit crossed the road on my way up to “snowbird mesa”, a plateau named for the amount of snowbirds who live here during the winter months. There are literally hundreds of them up there every year. Good for the economy and quite nice for the atmosphere of our little town as well. If you wonder what snow birds are, they are people (yupp, no fowl involved) who escape the cold regions of the US and Canada to enjoy the climate of the warmer states during the winter months. Typically they are retired people who bring their RVs or trailers. Some even own or rent houses.

The climb up to the mesa is around 2.5 miles long at a 5-8% incline. My first rides up there were painful. At the very first one, on my old bike, I had to get off the bike twice (or was it three times?) I`ve ridden up there 5 times now and feel significantly better that just a few weeks ago. Half way up today I was more or less waiting for that I-wanna-get-off-the-bike-so-bad feeling and the did-the-seat-fall-off-cause-it-feels-like-I`m-sitting-on-the -seat post sensation to kick in, but it never happened. I`m getting more and more used to sitting in a certain position and using my muscles (I could have sworn I saw one today..I could have been hallucinating of course) in  a certain way. In other words, I`m getting used to cycling. That is a good sign for me and I am slowly but surely feeling a little more confident about this whole thing. I should add that now that I am getting used to this stuff again i`m more and more starting to realize what a wonderful machine my new bike is. It feels like an extension of my body…no, not really, but I`ve always wanted to say that.

The plan (as if I had one) is to get out on  a few short rides (12-20km) at nights and in the mornings for a couple of more weeks, add a few slightly longer rides on the weekends (30-40km), before I start adding longer and longer rides. I will complete at least one 80km ride by the end of April. On May 1, I will participate in the “tour de fire”, a local fund raiser event ( I haven`t decided how long I will ride that day yet.

As always, I will keep you updated on the progress. i`m working on putting together a video and will eventually post some pictures here. Any interest in any of that?

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist.