Disappointing on purpose.

I am aware that quite a few of you visit my page hoping to find a lot of “heart talk”. I`m aware that I`m disappointing you, but know this: I am doing it on purpose!

For those of you familiar with blogs, forums and such, you know what a “tag” is. A tag is a word or a term that the author of an online piece lists attached to the document so that others might find the piece more easily. As for myself, I have listed such terms as “cycling” and “heart surgery” among others with my blog posts so that if you search these terms online you might find my blog. I have an admin page that allows me to see which terms people use the most to find my blog. “Heart surgery” happens to be on top of that list. If you scan my posts you will realize that I write very little specifically about my heart surgery, yet it`s brought up occasionally. I would like you to know that this is intentional.

Don`t get me wrong, I`m very much a whiner and I love any kind of pity I can get. Self pity is the bomb! Yet, my days of basking in el sol de pity are over. I had surgery, went through a few weeks of recovery and now feel better than…well most of you! It`s as simple as that. No reason to drag it out or pretend that my surgery put me in a situation where I should be babied or felt sorry for. The truth is that as long as you have no medical complications, heart surgery now a days is no big deal.

In other words, I`m not ignoring the fact that I`m a heart patient, because that is true and will never change. I`m enjoying the life I have because of heart surgery and trying to convey that through my blog. I`m hoping (at least that is my intention) that my fellow heart patients get that from reading my blog. Forget about the surgery, even if you`re still recovering, start walking or cycling. I even recommend running, despite the fact that running , as previously established (!) is purely for people who cannot afford a bike.

This does by the way apply to all of you who have not had heart surgery too. Although I`m not sure why you haven`t had that since , you know…it`s no big deal;-)

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist.