It`s time to start.

I have put it off for a long time, but now that I`ve run out of excuses, it is indeed time to start. The bike is her (still in the bedroom…the GUEST bedroom that is), all necessary gear has been purchased and the weather is nice. Six months and five days from today I must complete 200 miles on my S1 in one day.

How do I explain to all you readers where I`m at now and where I need to be? With numbers perhaps?

I`m a male at 44 years of age. I have not done any kind of physical exercise the last 12-15 years. I had heart valve replacement surgery September 18, 2009, slightly less than half a year ago. Prior to surgery I weighed in at around 227lbs (103kg). I`m 6`2″ (184cm) tall. Since my surgery I have been a little better about eating healthy and I walk more or less regularly, so the scale normally stops at around 215lbs (97.5kg) now a days. Ideally I should weigh around 175lbs (80kg), but realistically, I should be happy if I lose 20-25 lbs (10-12kg) before September. In the mid 1990`s I managed to train for a one-day 335mile ride in five months. I need to do almost the same, 15 years older and in a much worse physical condition. When I say “must complete” and ” need to do”, I say that because I have promised myself to do so. I`m a strong believer in keeping any kind of promise you make, especially the ones you make to yourself.

I have biked three times for exercising purposes the last 15 years, all three times within the last couple of weeks. One of the rides you might remember from

The second ride (again on the garage sale bike) was pretty much up and down a relatively long (5miles) and steep climb close to where I live. I had to get off the bike twice, both times on my way up. I did a great job on the way down the hill! The third ride, yesterday, was on my new bike and was purposefully a re-ride of the pain-in-the-ass day on my old bike. I wanted to time and feel the difference. And what a difference!  I managed only to time half of the distance since I on my way back got a flat tire, but the first nine miles I managed to do in 35 minutes. I turned around at the same point as last time. This time because I wanted to ride the same distance. I felt so much better and could have easily climbed the entire hill. As you might remember, it took me 50 minutes last time. The Cervelo is, as it should be compared to a bike I practically got for free, light years better. It is and feels much lighter, it`s comfortable, it`s fast! meaning that I really feel that the little power my flabby legs manage to come up with transfers directly to the wheel and ground. I can safely say that I`ve never been on a bike this good. I`m very happy with my purchase and eternally grateful to my wife (no, she`s not looking over my shoulder as I write this) for letting me indulge. I love you babe (now she`s looking) I do of course love her, I`m not implying that I wrote that simply because she was looking. (she wasn`t looking when I wrote that, so there!) Anyway, look back at me now, I`m on a horse!

Whichever way you slice it, the time to prepare, the time to train for my “tour” is now! I figure my max distance right now is around 20 miles. I need to double that by mid April. May first, I plan to do “tour de fire”, a local bike ride that offers several distances ranging from 20 to 100 mils. I figure I should be good for the 38 miles or perhaps even the 60 mile by then. I will give myself a couple of weeks before I make that decision. By mid April I need to have dropped at least 5lbs as well. Now it`s online, so I just have to do it, right?

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist.