I bought a bike!

I decided I`d had enough of this so I laid down the law, put my foot down, marked my territory and demanded a bike! It`s been too long after all so I eventually had to show my wife who`s wearing the pants around here!

That`s the way it might have happened in an alternate universe. In this one, it happened a little differently. It turns out my wife thinks I`m a pretty OK guy so she decided I deserve to have a nice bicycle. She must love me or something. As a matter of fact, I know she does. And I love her very much too. I`m not buying her a bicycle though.

Our ten year anniversary is coming up in  a few months. Apparently tin and aluminum are traditional materials in which gifts for this occasion are made. Appropriately enough, the frame for my bike is made of aluminum. So there you have it, I`m getting a bicycle for our anniversary. She said something about diamonds being another  accepted gift. A quick web search tells me that for the tenth anniversary it`s tin and aluminum only. I don`t even dare to consider breaking that tradition. I`m sure I`ll be able to find something pretty and romantic made of aluminum. Maybe I can wrap something we already have, in aluminum foil?

A few days ago I put down a deposit on my bike. It`s scheduled to arrive in two weeks or a little less. Once it arrives at the store, all the different components will be added in the correct sizes according to my body measurements. After that I will spend one hour with the fitting guru at the store having my bike fitted to me, or is it the other way around?

I haven`t said too much earlier about the bike itself. I`ve alluded to the fact that it is a bicycle slightly above average price and that it`s expensive enough for it to have been a purchase worth evaluating. Evaluating the necessity of a bike? No, but evaluating my need to spend this amount on one. By revealing the bike`s identity I`m sure some of you will be surprised by how low the cost is based on all the hoopla I`ve created and others will be surprised by the high price.

When I started researching my purchase a few months ago, I decided on a price before I knew anything about what`s available now a days. $1000-1500 was my budget. I wanted to have something that had the same group set (gears and such) or better as my bike from the 90`s,  Shimano 105. 15 years ago, there was more or less only one choice when it came to frame material, steel. Today, there are more. I realized early that carbon is the new in thing to buy. All the pro racers are on carbon bikes and you can actually get a name brand complete bike with a carbon frame for around $2k, with Shimano 105. I would buy one of those for my wife, but I do believe carbon doesn`t enter the world of traditional anniversary gifts for another few years. Bummer…for her…..and me!

The thing about carbon frames though, is that if you have a nasty fall and the frame breaks or fractures, it`s bye bye frame. It`s a goner and you need a new one. Additionally, some aluminum bikes in the $2k price range consistently test better than the carbon frame bikes in the same price range. Man, I love the Internet and all the forums! I have done some extensive research online, talked to other bikers and a few dealers. My choice is based on these priorities: My personal needs, how much will I ride, how will I ride and…I`m a big, heavy guy. I need a bike that can handle me and I need to be able to handle it. I also prefer brands I know and I just have to have a brand that has been ridden by a Tour de France jersey winner from my home country!

“My bike”, that in a couple of weeks indeed will be my bike is a Cervelo S1, equipped with a Shimano Ultegra group set (one level better than the 105). With a bike computer, pedals and pretty much everything else I need, it will cost me…err, I mean us, around $3000.

Which group are you in? Did you think it was going to be more or less than $3k? Let me know.

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist.