I want to do something good!

Except for buying a handful of donuts for someone else than myself the other day I have been terribly selfish lately. You might think that I`m saying that in an attempt to be funny, but no. I`m having a moment of seriousness here so bare with me.

As you might know from reading between the lines in my previous blog entries, starting this blog in the first place was not entirely an original thought from me. I was inspired by other bloggers. What these other bloggers all have in common is that they are extremely popular. As a direct result of that they are making money writing on the Internet. The ones, perhaps the ONE I admire the most spends hours and hours each week blogging, he sells t-shirts and other apparel all in order to raise money for the fight against cancer. You might already be familiar with Fatty, a.k.a Fat Cyclist (www.fatcyclist.com). A few months ago he raised more than $100.000 in a few days! In short, I wanna be like Fatty. I want to do something good too. As a heart patient it feels natural to do something for some organization that works to better our heart health. American Heart Association maybe?

I received a comment to one of my entries a few days ago from an individual who is involved with the Make-a-wish foundation. He even participates in bicycle races to raise money. I`m officially impressed and inspired by these guys! I really wanna do something good. But what? That`s the question.

What do you think? Any ideas as to who I should raise money for?

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist.