I need to buy an even more expensive bike!

While most non-cyclists find it utterly ridiculous to spend anything more than the value of a couple of move tickets on a bicycle, my fellow cyclists (yeah, I call myself that now) regard my bike to be, or would it be “bike to become”? an entry level bicycle. I need to spend more $!

Entering the world of internet cyclist forum and boards can be a dangerous thing. These boards are full of enthusiasts and hardcore cyclists. Some of them bike more miles per year than most people drive their cars. They cannot possibly have  normal lives outside of biking. There`s absolutely no way some of these guys have wives or girlfriends…or jobs!

Nevertheless, most cyclists are normal people. Imagine that! They enjoy the hobby and enjoy sharing their experiences with other cyclists. I`ve been reading reviews, tests and boards until I eventually made my bike choice, at least for what I hope to buy. I happen to mention that I plan on completing a double century (that`s cyclist lingo for 200 miles) on one of the forums. Several members suggested that I should probably upgrade the wheels. The wheels they suggested would add 30-60% to the bike`s cost. One member said : “…or an Intended double century you may still find it a bit much. If your budget will allow, especially with some of the closeouts (bike store vendor name) the xx or yy may serve you better.”

By “a bit much” he`s referring to the fact that my entry level bike might be a little uncomfortable on such a long ride compared to the better ones. The material a bike`s frame is made of makes the difference in comfort as well ..you guessed it, price.

Bike “XX” would cost me exactly 1.81 times “my” bike. “YY” would cost 3.27 times my bike. “YY” is a bike that one of last years jersey winners in Tour De France is on, so that might be close to overkill for me. “XX” however is actually a relatively common bike among avid cyclists.

Until I pull the trigger on the purchase or my wife pulls the trigger on me, I`m purchasing all those extra things one needs. Clothing, shoes, helmet, pedals, and such. At least I won`t have to add that to the cost when the day comes. “Oh dearest, yeah..I will have to spend a few hundred bucks on some gear too..eehh”. I think I`m better off trying to avoid that situation.

I am of course harping on about this to make it clear that I`m …..ahh, who am I kidding. I`m trying to convince the CFO. Nothing more nothing less. Do you think it will work?

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist