Slowly but unsurely.

If you`re wondering who`s wearing the pants in my family, let me just say that I`m perfectly comfortable in these Speedos, size extra tight. I think all men deep inside know that we don`t have much to say about anything. Or maybe we just pretend it`s that way because that`s the only way we can stay in total control?

I was given permission to set aside the sum of $500 towards my bike purchase today. It makes me very happy. It means that if things continue to progress like this, I will be able to walk from coast to coast twice, get a second degree in business, swim the Panama canal, and place honorably in the Senior Olympics (is there even such a thing?) Marathon in 2035 (unless the Mayans were right) before I finally will be able to get my two wheel Shimano Dura Ace equipped wheel chair. We will have flying cars before I can buy my bike. What ever happened to those by the way? I`m pretty sure I read in a Sci Fi magazine when I as young that cars would fly in 2010!

Patience IS one of my virtues, so I`m determined that the $500 is just a teaser. Sort of like the close-up of the eye that the “Lost” producers showed us for the 4 years that passed between last season and this season. It sure felt like 4 years! Eventually the big reward will come as  season 6 has. I`m hoping. Never mind, I KNOW that I will walk through the door of the bike shop and slap my MasterCard triumphantly on the counter telling Richard to “order that Cervelo for me in 56cm will ya!” in good time before September 18. If it doesn`t happen, I`ll walk the 200 miles! How `bout that?

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist