I hate running!

Who doesn`t hate running, jogging or whatever you wanna call it. It`s good for one thing, wearing out a pair of good shoes fast. Pound pound pound! Hit that pavement and hit it hard!

Walking on the other hand, much better. Go for a stroll, enjoy the cool evening air, go window shopping after all the stores are closed. After all, you can`t do that running, can you! As for the exercise you get from it, at least the way I`m walking (fast and with my eyes focused on something small and juicy…preferable with cheese), my pulse gets up in the 130s which equals a good workout at my age.

I managed to squeeze a a 3-mile walk into my tight schedule on Sunday. It felt good. I think I might make it a habit. 3.16 miles in 48 minutes. Not fast, but at least I felt like I was doing something good. Multiply that by 70 or so and put me on a bike and it`s all good.

I asked for and received a quote on the bike I want with the extra stuff like pedals, helmet and such today. It gets a bit more real now that I have a dollar amount. I suspect it will still be a while before I can pull out ye ole MasterCard, so I`ll put in some walking miles and eat healthy until then. I do by the way weigh around 10-12 lbs less than I did last summer, pre-surgery. I need to lose another 25 or so.

Don`t cgange the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist