The challenges are lining up

As you know, us positive thinkers don`t have any problems, we only have challenges. My project seems to be facing lots of them! So many that I`m tempted to join the ranks of normal people and call them problems.

If you like I do have a calendar and a scientific calculator in your possession, you know that September 18, 2010 isn`t that far into the future. Only about seven and  a half months. Before that time I need to be able to convince the family`s head of finances (let`s just say that is not me) that Ramen Noodles are so nutritious and so great tasting that we should eat them every day in 2010-2012 for at least a meal or two. That`s such a no brainer I`m sure my wife will go for it with no objections whatsoever. She will soon realize that we have saved so much money that I  will be able to afford my worth-its-weight-in-gold bicycle probably as early as….next week?

Once the money issue has been settled I still need to be convincing about the need for my two-wheeled purchase. I will show her the old bike that`s been sitting behind the garage since before history was invented. I simply need to invite her along for a ride on that one. There is of course nothing available in between the $10 garage sale bike with octagonal wheels and “my” bike. I`d be surprised if she even gets on that bike. If she does, she might make it to the street, probably not. “My darling husband, you can`t use this garbage. You know where the Mastercard is. Go and get your dream bike.” I can hear her say it. Case closed.

On to the real challenge, actually getting ready to spend 12-15 hours on a bike seat in one day in September. Preparing a.k.a training for it might be tougher than the actual 200-mile day. I live in the desert where we have 120 degrees often in July and August. Even at night we some times stay in the three digits. At least the warm-up should be easy! Food wise I`ll just bring a few fresh eggs and fry them on a rock somewhere.

Right now, I weigh in at at least 30lbs more than I should, I have absolutely no muscles in any part of my body. My legs are like pale match sticks and my upper body starts to hurt if I type too many words of this blog in a row without taking a break. One thing I can say is that my physique does not at all match how I feel. I feel great! I know..I feel too great. This heart thing made me feel so sucky before my cyborg transformation that I don`t realize that I`m in horrible shape! Just because I can walk up a flight of stairs without collapsing doesn`t mean I can embark on “tour de hotter-than-Hades” with any kind of positive expectations.

I do in other words need to lose some serious weight and add some muscle. I can`t wait until I get a bike. I need to start now or before. I will start walking more and longer. Tomorrow, not today. Or maybe Tuesday? The thing about purchasing an expensive two-wheeler is that you feel like you have to use it to justify the expense. I have to remember that one the next time I see my wife. It`s 3AM, should I wake her up?

My wife has by the way warned me that she will start blogging too. That`s a great idea…not! That means you millions of readers get to hear her side of the story too. OY! You ARE on my side, right?

Well  I`m going to wake her up now. Why was I going to do that again? I`ve forgotten already. Watch out bed, here I come!

Don`t change the channel

THE Bionic Cyclist.