I`m getting fitted first, then fit.

It did rain this morning, but unfortunately just good old H2O, no dollar bills. I know it will happen some day. I am optimistic, I have positive thoughts, I read “The Secret”!

I`m working late tonight so I`m clearing my home office desk of some private projects that have been sitting there for too long. In between that stuff I`m researching bikes and training methods, or maybe I`m actually clearing my desk in between that?

Two days ago I went to a local bicycle shop for bike fitting in order to know what bike size I should be looking for. That was quite an experience. Back in the days, the “fitting” procedure was the salesman looking at me, asking my height and saying “you look like a 58cm, let`s go with that”, I bought the bike and adjusted the seat and handle bars until I felt comfortable. Now it`s an elaborate process that involves measuring pretty much all parts of the body. Angles are calculated and you end up with a chart full of numbers that only someone who knows, knows. Meaning not me. (http://www.procyclery.com/fittingexplained.htm)

I`m a little bit wiser now. I know what size to look for and I know that based on my previous experience and my goals for the future I should look in  a certain price range. The trouble is of course that this price is slightly higher than for the average department store bike. It`s difficult to explain why I “need” a bicycle which costs this much. We could build a village or two in Haiti for that amount of cash. “Honey, I need to take care of my poor little heart” doesn`t seem to do it for some reason. Am I the only one who talks to the loan officer at the bank that way perhaps? Maybe if the loan officer was a female it would work better?

There`s a lot of hoping and wishing at this stage of my journey. Being on a “journey” is such a cliche, I just have to use that term as often as possible. I wish I`ll find a super good deal on the bike I want, I hope I`ll get at least one comment soon so I know that my journey (see?) towards stardom and fame is on its way.

Ahh..Apple is about to launch it`s new tablet. Time to stop writing and watch Steve Jobs!

Don`t change the channel.

THE Bionic Cyclist.